Fair Trade Focus: Specialty Prints

There is only one textile house in the world where you can get the specific prints you see in our line, and it’s a sustainably-focused studio creating prints that work with particular pattern techniques and fiber types. A new range is designed every season by an international team of textile artists versed in block printing, screen printing, and natural and low-impact dyes. You won’t see these exact prints everywhere you go; there’s a more niche and exclusive aspect to what you’re wearing.

That kind of teamwork, knowledge, and specialty focus is one of the reasons we work with fair trade facilities. Not only do the artisans benefit from fair trade terms, but customers get something unique, imbued with a process and a final look that they won’t find just anywhere. We’ll have new prints just in available at the San Francisco Green Festival in November, and be sharing more details behind the conscious creation process.

To kick off Fair Trade Month, we shared some details about why we chose to work with a Fair Trade Federation facility to make our clothing. Fair trade practices support living wages, good working conditions, and many cultural arts that are literally woven into our clothing! 

To kick off Fair Trade Month, we shared some details about why we chose to work with a Fair Trade Federation facility to make our clothing. Fair trade practices support living wages, good working conditions, and many cultural arts that are literally woven into our clothing! 

Congratulations to Tammy and thanks to Sam Russell for supporting working women achieve their educational and career goals! We’re proud to be a part of The Giving Closet’s designer lineup and wish Tammy the best!

From Trash to Fashion, Skraptacular Creates The Change

Innovative and community-focused, the nonprofit group Skraptacular teaches children about the reduce-reuse-recycle possibilities, turning trash into art and fashion. We’re excited about the next generation’s activism, and sponsored their digital billboard spot on 42nd street in New York City! The young designers and sustainability advocates will be marching right by their very own sign on the People’s Climate March Sunday, September 21st, and see their hard work writ large as they join forces with thousands of concerned citizens to push for reforms that help to build social justice and environmental stewardship. Congratulations and thanks to the Skrapsters, who inspire us to create consciously and “be the change”.

On Sunday, September 21 the young creatives of Skraptacular get global, participating in the People’s Climate March in New York City. They’ll be walking right by their very own billboard spot on 42nd street, sponsored by Lily of Valley Isle. Collaborating for conscious communities and building awareness, we’re combining fashion, philanthropy, and sustainability to be a part of the push for positive change.

We’re taking it to the seminar stage to showcase select pieces from our current collections and talk about how we create style with peace of mind by working with fair trade facilities and eco-savvy materials. It’s a fashion show with extra info, to introduce you to the brand. We’ll also have great event-only discounts, so stop by our booth and get a deal just in time for that back-to-school and holiday shopping season.

You’re Invited, Let’s Talk Fashion!

We’ll be on the seminar stage at the San Francisco Ultimate Women’s Expo Saturday September 27th, 3:30PM, talking with you about creating our line. From textile patterns to design details, come see the lineup at our informational fashion show. From 5’0” to 5’9”, our models wear it well; that’s because we design with you in mind, which means a focus on fit and flexible features that makes it easy to find a style that works for you. We’ve got some new prints and great discounts to share, and we’re looking forward to meeting you there.

Ebele Angle Top

Ebele’s asymmetric angled neckline front and back is mirrored in the drape of solid panels joined with delicate jali stitching. Bust darts and right side vent for shape and flow.

Shipping Information

USPS Priority Mail, free shipping to USA!

Our online store serves US customers, offering a limited quantity of select pieces from our collections. Please sign-up on our mailing newsletter for discounts, news, and to learn more about our stockists and international availability.

Upon placing your order, your item is mailed out within in 1-2 business days, via USPS Priority Mail. Orders should arrive within 3-5 business days once shipped. 

General Size Reference, Body Measurements

XS - Bust 32-34” Waist 26”-28” Hips 34”-36”

S - Bust 34-36” Waist 28”-30” Hips 36”-38”

M - Bust 36-38” Waist 30”-32” Hips 38”-40”

L - Bust 38-40” Waist 32”-34” Hips 41”-43”

Our Shadow Floral print is a screen print in urban-friendly grey and purple tones made with low-impact colorfast dyes that allow you to machine wash, tumble dry, and iron your items as needed. 

To ensure high quality and good business practices, our clothing is produced at a fair trade facility; check out our Conscious Creation section to learn more about the ethical fashion journey! Special details like French seam finishes and jali stitching bring craftsmanship to each piece. We also offer a selection of limited-edition prints with nontoxic dyes containing at least 70% organic fiber content. 

If you have any questions on sizing, shipping, returns, or exchanges, please contact us at info@lilyofvalleyisle.com

Lily of Valley Isle Fashion Show

Join us at the San Mateo Event Center on Saturday September 27th, from 3:30 to 4:00PM on the seminar stage for our fashion show, “Designing for Conscious Style”.

We’ll be presenting select pieces from our current collections, modeled by local California women who represent the diversity of heights, shapes, and sizes that we embrace in our clothing line. As we view the outfits, we’ll be discussing the unique features of creating high-quality, no-sweatshop fashion for the savvy customer seeking style that aligns with her personal values.

You’ll also have the chance to buy the items you see. Come by our booth, #152, and try on our range of tops, dresses, and pants that we’ll be selling at a special event discount!

We’re celebrating Labor Day weekend with our new certification from Green America! What does that mean? It means someone is looking over our shoulder, making sure our process of conscious creation is for real.

We’ll be joining a huge gathering of like-minded visitors at the San Francisco Green Festival in November. From food, fashion, and home goods to alternative energy solutions, communities are connecting with options to go eco from companies that care.